Bulk SMS is sending an SMS to a large number of recipients at the same time. SMS messages are purchased in bulk, and are substantially cheaper than regular SMS from your mobile device. In addition Bulk SMS is a significantly cheaper method of mass communication than more “outdated” forms of marketing such as advertising or email.

Bulk SMS can be used by any sized businesses, community groups or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people.  Bulk SMS allows you to measure the influence of your sent messages, you can track your delivery reports and you can measure the amounts of sales leads and/or business generated the SMS led to.

You can use bulk SMS to send reminders, inform customers, send promotional offers or incentives, run competitions or booking confirmations.  The uses for Bulk SMS are endless!

And that’s not all… Because it is Cloudbased, the service is accessible from wherever one has an active internet connection, and with 70% of the population in Kenya having access to the internet, you can be assured that your message will reach tens of millions.

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